I (Lynette Frieden, retired chiropractor) have an emotional and clinical investment in my Case Study.  Our grandson Adam was diagnosed with autism when he was approx. 3 years old.  Trying to help him overcome this malady  was my prime reason for getting involved with NES.   For a short time prior to being treated with NES he underwent QXCI diagnosis and took various Bach Flower Remedies.    I  treated him with chiropractic and sacro-cranial therapy, both of which helped.

He took NES infoceuticals for 10 months and improvement became evident after  the 2nd month.  Prior to NES he lived in a world of his own and did not feel pain if he fell or bumped his head.   He gradually became more alert, turned toward the person speaking to him and eventually started saying a few words.  Repetitive motions gradually lessened and he stopped crying at night.    I recommended a  gluten/dairy/sugar-free diet to assist with obvious GI issues...   After 10 months there was an end of year concert for the Early Intervention class, and the teacher said Adam was the most improved.

Adam’s treatment was during my early days with NES (2005).  I remember Peter Fraser saying Heart Driver would show up at some point in autistic patients.   I waited month after month, and it finally showed.

Now Adam is 14 years old, is a straight A student, has a black belt in Taikwando and  taught the younger children. He plays 3 musical instruments, was  chosen as first chair in the trombone section of the Las Vegas Youth Symphony Orchestra, and out of 300 students  was awarded a music scholarship to attend a Magnet School.  He is a balanced, loving, well-mannered young man.

NES definitely changed the course of Adam’s life.  

Lynette C. Frieden, April 2015 (Since retired from Chiropractic Practice)