The following are excerpts from emails between Dr. Lyn and a prospective client.

Q:  What is NES Health used for?

A:  NES can be used for any condition in which the human bodyfield is comprised, which NES practitioners believe is true for anyone.  If the bodyfield is "off", the person's chemistry can be "off", which can lead to all sorts of conditions.

Q:  What about conditions that are genetic?

A:  The rise in the understanding of Epigenetics tells us that genes aren't the whole story - genes are the library, the storehouse of information.  We all have "defective" genes.  Whether they are "turned on" or not can be from environmental factors, including emotional or physical trauma, either directly or through one's ancestors.  NES believes its approach can aid in maximizing genetic expression.

Q:  Does that mean everyone is totally helped?

A:  Not necessarily, but in my opinion, its definitely worth a try.  Response can vary from person to person, but, per NES, an estimated 99% can see benefits.

Q:  What is Total Body Modification (TBM)?

A:  TBM is an advanced, hands-on kinesiological technique that evaulates, rebalances, and resets energy imbalances in organs and functions of the body which require resolution before an individual can achieve self-healing and true health.