Total Body Modification is a system of diagnosis and holistic treatment that enables a trained practioner to quickly ascertain the cause of most symptoms. Through the application of non-toxic, touch-based treatments, in conjunction with supportive lifestyle changes, TBM can often aid and guide the patient to a place of ease, providing not only relief from their symptoms, but also a stronger and more independent body.

Health expert, Dr, Mercola, said, "TBM is a combination of testing systems, organs and specific points and then making corrections on the body that are connected with certain health impairments and structural imbalances.  These dysfunctions are frequently associated with short circuits in the body's bioelectrical system.,,,

"It has been taught for the last few decades that a biological computer within the body controls all of the body's functions.

"TBM has found that by using certain reflex points and indicator muscle, various computer programs, such as diseases, systems, organ body points and more, within the system can be tested.  Structural or soft tissue manipulations can then be used to realign the function of your body's computer program thereby restoring optimal functioning within your body."

Please watch the accompanying video for more complete explanation of TBM.